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Purchasing Advice / Market Strategy Development
We are able to offer highly practical advice and assistance to companies based on our many years of experience in the fields of trade, industry and cooperation with farmers. In this respect, our approach is very different from the classic concept of business consultancy.
Our advice starts with an assessment of your actual requirements. We then collaborate with you as experts in your commercial field to develop possible solutions and approaches. By focussing on your circumstances and the overall industry situation, it is often possible to identify a potential new course of action after the first consultation.
  • Strategic procurement analysis and development of purchasing concepts in practical collaboration with the responsible people within the company.
  • Organic sourcing check. This is an advanced management tool based on the German Bio-Offensive project with the purpose of creating a sustainable strategy for the procurement of raw materials. The approach assesses purchasing, quality control, marketing and sales in order to identify the objectives and weaknesses of the company procurement policy. This leads on to a discussion of suitable tools for ensuring that the purchasing process is secure and as regional as possible.
  • Practical and targeted training courses and internal workshops. Medium-term support for new members of staff in the purchasing department.
  • Comprehensive initial consultancy for committed newcomers to the organic market on issues of market and strategy.
  • Longer-term support as part of a personalised coaching programme within the framework of commercial activity.